“Such an amazing experience!! Every employee was so friendly, warm, welcoming, and had a smile on their face. My son is autistic, so we had very little expectations for a successful eye exam. Dr. Sauberan was amazing!! He has such a gentleness about him and a very peaceful bedside manner. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend going here. A+++”


Pediatric Ophthalmology

At Eye Surgical Associates, we work to understand from a child’s perspective how vision problems can affect the ability to run, play and read. Our doctors understand how to overcome a child’s fear of “going to the doctor.” They take the time to ask questions and really listen so they can provide the best possible treatment.

We understand the importance of catching vision problems early, before they begin to affect schoolwork and other activities. Our doctors understand how precious a child’s sight is and are committed to providing the very best care.

Home Visual Acuity Testing

Click the links below to download or print the Home Visual Acuity Tests.

Home Visual Acuity Testing – familiar with english language

Home Visual Acuity Testing – UNfamiliar with english language


Strabismus means that one eye is not lining up with the other. The misalignment may involve wandering of the eye in, out, up or, down. Sometimes strabismus is present just when a child is ill or tired, and sometimes it is present all the time. Strabismus is usually caused by a muscle imbalance within the eye.


Amblyopia involves the underdevelopment of an eye during early childhood. This is a very common eye disease among children that can be corrected if caught early. Treatment of an amblyopic eye usually needs to be done in children nine years old and younger.


We are a proud member of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. Please click the logo to visit their website.