A message to Eye Surgical Associates Patients during the COVID 19 crisis.

We are focusing on three missions during this COVID 19 pandemic.

Taking Care of our Patients.

Eye Surgical Associates is concerned about patient safety and patients’ ongoing ophthalmology problems. We are here if you need us. If you have an urgent problem call our office to talk to our staff and they will work with you to determine the best method and location of treating your problem. Depending on the problem the treatment might be handled by nurse, Telehealth or an in office visit. Screening at the front door is provided to help keep our patients healthy. Please call us at 402-484-9000 with your ophthalmic problems.

Taking Care of our Employees

Our dedicated and skilled employees deserve protection of both their health and their jobs. We have taken measures to screen patients and employees as they enter the building and we are limiting the number of employees and patients in the building at any one time. In addition we have taken measures above and beyond required government standards to maximize the job security of our employees.

Taking Care of our Future

Like the country and the planet our current practice is quite different than what we experienced just a few weeks ago. We are attempting to respond quickly to the ever changing conditions and information available from the government and our national societies. Based on science and regulations we are continually planning and preparing for the care of our patients. We remain committed both to our patients and our mission of providing advanced ophthalmic care. Eye Surgical Associates commitment is absolute 5 days from now, 5 months from now and 5 years from now.

— The physicians of Eye Surgical Associates