Dropless Cataract Surgery

Eye Surgical Associates will now be offering DropLess Cataract Surgery. Part of our goal is to improve the experience and decrease the obligations for patients undergoing cataract surgery. Toward the end of your cataract surgery, your eye surgeon may inject Trimoxi, a combination of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. The injection of Trimoxi frequently eliminates the need for patients to purchase and insert post surgery eye drops. This improves the overall experience of the patient and reduces the stress and management of putting in drops multiple times a day. The result is a more positive experience for the patient with less scheduling, fewer drop expenses, and more ease for you and your family. Typically the expense of postoperative eye drops exceed $100. With our patients’ safety and success in mind, your ESA doctor may use Dropless Trimoxi at the time of surgery providing the patient with a savings in scheduling, money and time.