Advanced Lenses

Wearing reading glasses after cataract surgery is no longer the only option. Advanced lenses are commonly referred to as multifocal IOLs. These lenses are specially designed to provide crisp vision at all distances, dramatically reducing or even eliminating your need for glasses. There are several available types of advanced multifocal lenses and our surgeons will thoroughly evaluate to determine if one of these lenses may be right for you.

Traditional lenses offer correction at only one point of focus, typically distance.
Advanced multifocal IOLs allow us to adjust both eyes to be corrected for distance and near vision offering the most freedom from glasses with today’s technology.
Most patients are able to go without glasses for daily activities, though occasional use is sometimes necessary for visually demanding tasks.

If you would like to see both up close and far away without glasses after cataract surgery, we may be able to help you achieve those goals. These lens options are beyond routine cataract surgery and we can discuss at the time of your evaluation. Advanced Lenses are an optional package which may carry additional costs.